Although much of the equipment, procedures and controls used in lead-based paint abatement are similar to those used in asbestos abatement, there are many differences when it comes to dealing with them in hazardous situations. For this reason, we use only fully trained lead abatement personnel on these projects. Our project managers and lead abatement workers are some of the most highly trained professionals in this field. They understand the steps necessary to make lead-based paint abatement a safe process. ECI is proud of the work we have done in lead-based paint removal for schools, the United States Navy, and many other government agencies. Our integrity and professionalism have won us many loyal clients in this arena.


For us, the removal of lead-based paint, and the restoration that follows, is a delicate process. For example, when working on an irreplaceable historical site, we realize the importance of maintaining the original architecture and integrity of the structure. Or perhaps, we are working in an area that is highly populated by the public, or even a sensitive government site. In each of these instances, ECI takes into account the needs and concerns of all those involved before recommending a method of contamination removal. ECI uses two removal processes: lead hazard reduction and lead abatement. We may use one, or both, of these techniques to best address the situation and eliminate the hazard. We work closely with the EPA, and other government agencies, to follow current regulations, while keeping within your budget and time frame.

















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