The very nature of asbestos abatement calls for highly specialized training. This training ensures the environment, the building, and the occupants, as well as our team, and the general public are protected. All ECI asbestos abatement personnel not only meet the regulatory standards required by law, they also exceed those standards by adhering to the strict and demanding in-house health and safety program ECI requires. Each asbestos abatement team member is required to complete annual refresher courses to maintain their certification. These personnel are also qualified to work in public schools, under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) and the Jessica Lunsford Act.


Our industry continues to face regulatory challenges. These challenges are associated with meeting the requirements of the Clean Air Act, as well staying abreast of constantly changing local, state and federal regulations. Timely source permitting, proper notification, thorough sampling and assessment, and cost -effective compliance with existing permit requirements are just a portion of the ever changing regulatory guidelines. ECI will continue to provide stellar service while observing all guidelines and surpassing all challenges. All of these considerations are met while finding the most effective way to eliminate health concerns and minimize corporate liability. The quality of the air we breathe remains a huge concern to the public. Therefore, industrial sources of air emission must be carefully and thoroughly addressed and monitored.


ECI serves both large and small industrial clients, as well as residential clients. We provide solutions that solve air quality issues, while keeping up with a rapidly changing industry. We work closely with local regulatory entities to stay up to date on our training, assessment, and remediation techniques.








Florida Asbestos Company License #ZA358

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