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     Indoor air quality and microbial remediation are fields that constantly change. As more and more becomes known about these issues, ECI's project managers keep abreast of all new information and improved methods. Our project managers remain on the forefront of these fields, as they have for many years, working as indoor quality consultants to health care facilities, an extremely important industry. Working in these facilities, where the health and care of patients is paramount, our project managers have gained practical field experience. They have discovered procedures that allow these projects to remain ongoing during the facilities' business hours, all while never compromising the safety or health of patients or health care providers. Microbial and fungal infestation can be particularly devastating in these settings, as well as any place people may come into contact with spores. ECI provides in depth investigation to locate the source and extent of the mold/fungal growth. Our specially trained staff will remove all building materials affected and quickly restore all areas to pre-damage condition, with minimum inconvenience and expense.


     ECI has worked with builders to eliminate mold/fungus as a factor during the building process, as well as selective demolition and remediation following fire, flood and other water damage. The Southeast is especially vulnerable to these conditions, as we have very high humidity most of the year. Our proximity to the ocean also puts us in harms way, due to the high risk of hurricanes, floods, and torrential rains. The moisture associated with these disasters has the potential to cause serious health risks, if not addressed immediately. Clean-up efforts in these instances can also become a health concern. Rest assured, our project managers are specifically trained by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) as Certified Mold Remediators (CMR), keeping us up-to-date on industry standards and making us your "go-to" company for indoor air quality issues and microbial remediation.










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