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Concrete Cutting, Coring & Breaking

     ECI performs various tasks in our concrete cutting operations. We perform core drilling of openings making accurate circular cuts utilizing state of the art diamond core drills which precisely cut the concrete with efficiency.

     ECI Performs slab cutting for slab on grad, elevated slabs and structural beams utilizing gas and/or hydraulic saws, depending upon the specific application necessary.

     Wall sawing is performed on vertical surfaces of concrete masonry, pre-cast concrete or tilt wall construction. ECI has the latest remote controlled hydraulic wall saws which can be mounted allowing for precise cutting of masonry openings.

     Breaking is the practice of removing the concrete materials that were cut to create new slab and wall openings. ECI utilizes specialized state of the art breaking equipment to pulverize, break and sometimes split the concrete to be removed in a clean and safe manner.

     Safety during all of ECI's concrete cutting coring and breaking activities is paramount. ECI utilizes trained, certified and expert technicians who are familiar with and follow all OSHA safety standards along with the latest silica standard for concrete.













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